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It’s never too late to start saving money for your retirement. The sooner the better though. The earlier you start saving the earlier you get to start enjoying the benefits of compound interest. As 2007 comes to a close and 2008 jumps out at us, start making your New Year’s resolutions that will benefit you for many years to come – especially in your retirement.

If you have not started investing in your company’s 401k plan, do so now. Make an appointment with your HR manager to get you the paperwork you need to start automatically investing in your 401k. If your company offers a matching contribution of whatever you put in then make sure you invest the maximum amount they match. If they match 3%, at a minimum you should put in 3%. If they match 6%, then you must at least invest this amount. You are literally giving away free money with each passing paycheck if you do not take advantage of the company’s 401k matching program.

Using the company’s 401k match can mean the difference in you eating at McDonald’s in your retirement or eating at Chris Madrid’s in your retirement. Those burgers are awesome. If you’re not familiar with Chris Madrid’s, if you’re ever in San Antonio check them out. Great burgers.

Anyways, back to my point. You can save a lot of money effortlessly for your retirement by just investing in your company’s 401k so do it as soon as possible.

If you’re already enrolled then think about increasing your contribution by a percentage point or two. Then once you max out your 401k, it’s time to start thinking about an IRA. They can automatically withdraw this from your paycheck and put it into an IRA and invest it in stocks and bonds of your choosing.

Don’t forget about long term care and life insurance. Millions of people will need long term care as they get older. The earlier you buy it, the cheaper it will be for you. And you do not need to be rich to invest in long term care insurance.

Another thing to keep track of is your Social Security benefits statements. You should get these every couple years and they indicate approximately how much you should expect when you begin to withdraw from Social Security. Make sure the incomes reported on these are the same as what you actually make. You want to make sure, your full income gets reported so you get the full benefit of Social Security you’re eligible for.

One last thing is to look for opportunities to make more money so you can save faster and possibly even retire sooner. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to retire early. You should do it just for the looks your coworkers will give you. :o)

Keep these tips in mind as you start planning your goals for 2008 and for your future retirement.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!


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Brazil – one of the best places to live in the world


I found this video showing some of the scenery of Ceara, Brazil – said to be one of the best places to retire in the world. Check out the video and let me know what you think:

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You can learn more about Ceara, Brazil.

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