How to Recession Proof Your Bank Account

It’s happening.

People are losing their homes, losing their jobs, and losing their life savings.

Every where you look, there are signs that we are about to enter a massive recession, and things are only going to get worse.

The solution?

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No matter what happens, people still need information. The types of information they need or want may change, but the need itself never goes away.

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How are you going to save for retirement if you have debt?


I read this quote the other day:

“Financial counselors find a growing number of older Americans, in or nearing retirement, mired in debt and seeking debt counseling with little or no money set aside for retirement.”

How can you possibly save for retirement if you have a mountain of debt to pay off that takes up most of your current income?

There are several ways to get out of debt. You can talk to a debt management company like Credit Solutions which is one the biggest debt settlement companies around. They can help you reduce your debt and have you debt free in 12-36 months. And then once you have all your credit card debt paid off, you can work to getting your house paid off and fully funding your retirement plan.

The best scenario is for you to be debt free when you retire. You want to have as little expenses as possible so your money will last you for 20-30 years.

Most people have not save up anything for their retirement and expect the government to bail them out. Unfortunately, we don’t get bailed out like Bear Stearns by the Fed if we make some financial mistakes worth billions. We have to make do with a small Social Security check and live on a fixed income.

You need to get out of debt in order to save for your retirement.

The future will not look so rosy if you still have to make credit card payments when you turn 100 years old.

Get help paying off your debt and start saving for retirement.


Taking care of the baby boomer generation

People who were born after the World War II conflict in 1946 and before the Vietnam War are considered to be the baby boomer generation. This generation is called the baby boomers generation because of the significant increase of birth rates during these times. In fact, there were about 78 million baby boomers born in the United States between the years 1946 and 1964.  People had more time to do other things than fight throughout this time ;o)

The baby boomer generation is considered to be the era where it was the turning point of the political and cultural status of the United States. This is because they came of age during the civil rights protest and they were the ones who fought for more freedom and against discrimination. In political view, baby boomers are one of the contributors of what made America what it is today. The United States is freer and thanks to the boomer generation, there is no discrimination in employment, regardless in race, creed, gender and age.

So, if you find it easy to find work even if you are African American or a female, you have to thank the baby boomers for it. You are now living a comfortable life because the baby boomers generation fought for your civil rights.

Culturally speaking, boomers also contributed a lot in music and art. The music you hear today took root in the baby boomers era. The baby boomers generation is the era where Rock music started and this is also an era where Rhythm and Blues became popular.

Today, you can never avoid the fact that baby boomers are now aging. And because the baby boomers population is one of the largest in the United States, there have been questions about health care and retirement benefits for these people. The fact that they make up 22% of the American population, and is considered quite a lot in the United States, you will see that the government is taking all the necessary measures to provide retirement and health benefits to this generation.

Because of the low amount of savings by most boomers, the retirement and health benefits can slow the economic growth of the United States. Some experts also predicts that without taking the necessary steps, current financial pressures that faces the United States government programs, such as Medicare and Social Security will increase.

You should consider that in the past, because of the baby boomers generation population, the United States benefited a lot and is continually benefiting today. The workforce is at an all time high and financial income for the United States is quite also at a high rate. However, in the near future, you will see that the demographic rate will shift. The lower birth rate in the succeeding generation will result in fewer workforce and higher retiring people, generally from the baby boomers era.

The government and private organizations are now taking the necessary steps to increase the financial stability and also the benefits for them when they are now in the age of retirement. Today, retirement homes are now being erected by the government and private organizations to help cope up with the expected increase in retirement population that are generally baby boomers.

The United States is now also shifting their attention to finance the retirement of baby boomers. They now made a new kind of retirement system for baby boomers in order to accommodate the total expected retirement population in the near future. Mortality rate of the baby boomers era is also expected to decrease because of the state-of-the-art medical care available today.

Places for retirement are now also being organized by the government and some private organizations. Some are now erecting retirement homes, and others are now making plots of lands across the United States available for retirees.

Social Security and Medicare programs are also increasing their budget to accommodate the expected population growth of retirees in the near future. Because of the baby boomers era, retirement and health care became one of the primary concerns of the United States government. However, because they are now taking all the necessary steps in providing benefits for the retirees, the concerns are now decreasing and people can now sleep well without worrying about the retirement benefits that they will get from the government and other private organizations.

The baby boomers era is one of the major contributors in the society today. They play a significant role in the political, cultural, academics and in the industrial sector today. It is just right that the government should be able to provide for these people once they retire.