Why do you need life insurance?

Whenever a nagging insurance agent, over telephone or in person,tries to impress upon you the many benefits of life insurance policies, the poor guy is invariably met with cool indignation. But, if you pay heed to his words, you will come to learn about its many benefits. Instead of viewing it as another financial burden that you have to shoulder throughout your working life, start to explore the aspects that help you to meet many of your different needs at different stages of your life.

People often view life insurance policies as a vehicle to provide for the dependents after the death of the policy holder. Life insurances policies have the unique ability to produce liquidity with a huge amount of leverage in the times of needs. But beyond providing a means to the dependents in the unfortunate events of death, life insurance policies can be used for many more important purposes. Did you know that you can use the life insurance to pay death taxes and estate settlement costs?

Then life insurance can be a great means for leaving an inheritance for your next generation.  They can also be used for the charitable purposes. Above all, there are many insurance policies that come with some good investment features. These are the policies to accumulate funds which may be used to make further investments in the future. If you an entrepreneur, life insurance policies can come to your help by funding your business too; they can be held as securities in your business deals.

Life insurance policies are mainly of two types: term insurance and permanent insurance. All the products in the insurance industry are based on the principles of these two major types.

Term insurance is a policy which will pay a death benefit only if the policy holder dies during the term of the policy. It is devoid of any cash value feature.

The permanent life insurance policy is an expensive alternative of the term life insurance, as this whole life insurance is intended to provide protection throughout the life of the policy holder. One important feature of this policy is a cash surrender value. The premium you pay through out the early years of policy exceed the real cost of the insurance and this excess is saved in a separately maintained account. This money makes for a kind of investment for the insured. Even if the whole life insurance policy is canceled, even then the insured is entitled to get back the cash value.

What kind of life insurance policy you will buy depends on your unique financial needs and responsibilities. Among the things to consider at the time of selecting life insurance products, the first and foremost consideration relates to the question as to what amount of insurance is actually needed.

Your life insurance need will be greater if you have dependents in your family in the  form of stay at home spouse and young children. Your insurance need will be greater also when you lack an adequate savings to fall back to in your absence. In the event of the death of the sole bread earner of the family, many issues have to be taken care of: the rearing of the children, the funding of their education and providing a living to the surviving members of the family. The best way for saving money when buying life insurance policy is to choose a policy that meets your best needs. Lower premiums may not be of any profit if the policy entails wrong benefits not suitable for your position.

Free long term care insurance quote

Free long term insurance quote

Do you know all you need to know about long term care insurance?

Did you know that 40% of people who need long term care insurance are under age 65?

You are not too young to think about LTCI

Get a free guide to long term care insurance and get all your questions answered about long term care.

Find out if it’s right for you.

It’s not just for rich people as many people believe.

Free long term care insurance quote

Get answers to all your questions about long term care for you and your family.

Many people are under the impression that Medicare and Medicaid will pay for all your long term care needs. Get the facts.

Many people don’t realize the Medicare provides only limited coverage. Long Term Care Insurance helps you to protect your assets and ensure that you will be cared for after retirement. Get a free guide to Long Term Care Insurance.

How to get an 800% ROI on your money

How to get an 800% Return on Investment on your money

If you could trade $1 and get $8 worth of goods and services back, how many dollars would you invest?

If you could preserve your retirement savings for one tenth of the cost then why wouldn’t you want to learn more about it?

More and more people are being blindsided by this often forgotten cost that sneaks up on people and wipes out their retirement savings in a few years instead of it lasting for 20-30 years – the length of the average retirement.

So what is this cost that if you get it you can get a 800% ROI on your money?

Health insurance, long term care insurance to be more exact.

With the rocketing costs of health care and nursing homes, millions of baby boomers need to plan to pay for health care and assisted living.

If you plan ahead, you can avoid shelling out all your retirement savings on health care.

In order to protect yourself, you should look into long term care insurance. Long term care insurance can help you preserve your assets and take care of you in your latter years of your retirement. And no, long term care is not just for nursing homes, it also includes home health care where you can have your own nurse or CNA help you perform your daily activities.

And, long term care insurance is not just for “rich” people. Anyone who has a retirement income of over $35,000 should look into long term care.

Learn more about long term care insurance – get a free guide to long term care insurance that answers all your questions about long term care. Get the facts about how you can protect yourself from rising health costs.

Are you prepared for long term care?

Make sure you have long term care insurance on your retirement planning checklist
Experts warn that more than 95 percent of U.S. boomers are unprepared for long-term-care needs associated with living a long life.

Jesse Slome, executive director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, says most people acknowledge it’s a mistake to put off retirement planning until age 60, but not enough realize the same is true for planning for long-term care.
“Those who delay long-term-care planning until after retirement may find themselves unprotected against a risk that could wipe out their retirement savings,” says Slome.
Healthcare and long-term-care costs have increased faster than the Consumer Price Index, according to some studies.
“In 15 years, today’s 60-year-old can expect to pay $80,000 to $120,000 for a single year of care,” Slome said.
“For those who are uninsured, the cost of long-term care for even two or three years can wipe out one’s retirement savings.”
Insurance companies offer incentives for individuals who are in good health when applying for long-term-care coverage, so payments cost less if insurance is purchased when you are younger and in good health.

Many boomers unprepared for long-term care
United Press International?- 5 hours ago
director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, says most people acknowledge it’s a mistake to put off retirement planning until age 60, but
National Long-Term Care Awareness Week Focused On Educating Medical News Today (press release)
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