5 Things to Look for in a Best Place to Retire

Choosing the best retirement community is one of the most important decisions you will make. There are some very relevant things you need to consider before you choose your new residence.

Here are five important things to look for when shopping around for a retirement community:

1. Environment

When asking yourself what environment you would prefer to live in, you need to determine the impact of climate, access to transport and resources, local culture and the type of home and immediate surroundings. You should also inquire about the number of security personnel that are on patrol 24 hours a day.

2. Cost

Aside from the buy in cost of your retirement home you will also be charged for the community amenities. You need to be clear about what the ongoing fees are as well as any specific charges for additional services or programs. Make sure you understand what services the base price includes, and if fixed costs are set to increase annually, then the contract should state the percentage at which the increases will be calculated.

3. Amenities

The best retirement community will give residents access to a range of facilities like a swimming pool, spa, tennis court, golf course, and games room as well as to different services.

4. Housing

Would you prefer to live in a stand alone house or a small apartment? Different retirement villages offer different types of retirement homes and you need to be clear on what sort of housing you would prefer. If you haven’t lived in an apartment before, choosing to do so in retirement could be a mistake as you will hear sounds through walls and ceilings that you are unused to.

5. Services

Even if you’re in good health, consider choosing a retirement community that has an on call medical and nursing support as well as health care services such as bathing assistance and medication reminders.
Does the facility maintain the grounds around your accommodation or do you have to do it? If they maintain the lawns and gardens will they allow you to do as much maintenance personally as you wish?

If you ask the right questions, you will be able to obtain the necessary information to choose a retirement community you can enjoy for many years to come and avoid the many possible pitfalls innocent retirees can stumble into.

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The Best Places to Buy a Home to Retire


With the sub-prime mortgage affecting homeowners and home sales, it may or may not be a good time to buy a home.  However, when the housing market begins to level off, you may wish to consider the following cities that are cited as the best places to buy a home to retire:

* Wichita, Kansas.  With a median home price of $157,000, this city has been listed as one of the most affordable cities to buy a home.

* Omaha, Nebraska.  With home sales averaging $226,000, this city has a low unemployment rate.

* Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  This city offers homes for $226,000 as well, and is located east of Philadelphia.  Rich in history and cultural diversity, this may be an excellent choice.  Moreover, it’s about four hours from New York City.

* Madison, Wisconsin.  With a price range of $266,000, Madison has a beautiful landscape and is a friendly city.  With its many museums, among them the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, this is one place you can truly call home.

* San Antonio, Texas.  This city has home sales averaging $172,000.  It is filled with historic sites such as the Alamo, and the people here are warm and friendly as well.

* Indianapolis, Indiana.  Median home prices average $166,000.  Home to the well-known pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, Indianapolis is also home to the Indy 500, the National Football League’s Colts, and has a diverse culture as well.

* Pittsburgh, Pa.  The home prices here average $149,000.  It is most affordable for retirees.  Home to the Pittsburgh Steelers, it is known for its friendly people and holds its values and traditions close to the heart.  This is a great city for families.

* Dallas, Texas.  At a median price of $205,000, Dallas has the most jobs and housing of all the cities listed.

* Tulsa, Oklahoma.  For $158,000, you can buy a fantastic home in Tulsa.  It has a booming economy due to the energy industry, and is a beautiful place to live with its parks, historic sites, and gardens.  Touted as a great place to raise a family, Tulsa is very affordable in today’s housing market.

If you are considering buying a home that is in foreclosure, take some time and research this method.  Buying a home in foreclosure can create more problems than necessary.  As stated earlier, it may be a good idea to give the housing market time to settle down.  In the meanwhile, you can research the aforementioned cities in depth to determine if they are right for you and your family.

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Best Places Retire

Best Places to Retire

Best Country to Retire

Brazil – one of the best places to live in the world


I found this video showing some of the scenery of Ceara, Brazil – said to be one of the best places to retire in the world. Check out the video and let me know what you think:

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You can learn more about Ceara, Brazil.

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Best Places Where The Senior Golfer Can Retire

For a lot of people, retirement is a very liberating phase. It marks the end (for most, anyway) of one’s professional life. He could simply live on his retirement pay as well as his pension, and opt to relocate to beautiful places to enjoy his work-free life. Many baby boomers choose beachfront lodgings. Some baby boomers relocate to exotic places where grand adventures await. There are a number of baby boomers who choose places where business is booming so that they could establish their own. But what does the passionate golfer do immediately after retirement? Alas… he seeks out a place where the best golf courses can be found! Such place he would consider as paradise!

There are many places that can be considered as golfing heaven. Let’s take a look at some of these countries that most people actually fail to consider, but are nonetheless perfect destinations for the avid golfer.

* New Zealand. With cascading hills of pristine beauty, perfect weather most of the year, a climate that’s never too hot and never too cold, and wide expanse of open areas… New Zealand does look like one gigantic golf course! Pick a spot, any spot, in this lovely country, and for as long as you have a ball and your irons at hand, you could easily start a game of golf. Other considerations are also favorable for the baby boomer. Relatively low cost of living, an abundance of post-retirement opportunities, a laidback environment, and world class amenities make New Zealand one of the most excellent destinations for any retiree, more so the golfing aficionado!

* Portugal. If you want to experience a taste of the old world to go with your countless hours of golf, then Portugal is the place to be. They have world class golf courses which are among the most challenging greens in the world. They would take years to master, and since you’ll be spending those years work-free, you have all the time in the world to indulge in what these golf courses have to offer. Living in Portugal would give you the feeling that you’re living in the 30’s. It’s this old world flavor that gives the place its unique charms. Indeed, Portugal is an unconventional destination. But it is extraordinary enough to give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

* Florida. The weather, the low applicable tax rates, the beautiful beaches, the post-retirement earning opportunities… these things make Florida a favorite destination for baby boomers the world over. But with Naples, Punta Gorda, Bay Hill, the Southern Dunes, the Mystic Dunes and the New Course at Grand Cypress ranking as some of the finest golf courses in the world, Florida becomes a very lucrative option indeed for the golf enthusiast!

* Hawaii. Though he cost of living in the island of Hawaii may be a little higher than the other states in the US, there is no denying the tropical appeal that this place possesses… which many people have come to label as paradise on earth. It’s the perfect vacation spot, and there is no reason why it can’t be the perfect retirement destination for any baby boomer. But we’re talking about the golf enthusiast, and immediately, the names Poipu Bay, Wailea, Ka’anapali Tournament Courses, Ko’olau, Kona Country Club and Mauna Kea come to mind. All of these are highly rated golf courses with sceneries and a weather to die for! Paradise on earth, they say? Hawaii is heaven for any golf aficionado!

If you’re planning your retirement destination with a great golfing experience in mind, then the places we have discussed above are your best bets for the time of your life. Do consider them, and enjoy your work-free years. You have earned it! Enjoy!


Best countries to live in

What are the best countries to live in?

If you live in the US and are getting ready to retire, you may not want to stay in the US for your retirement. And that’s understandable.

But not every country is friendly towards Americans and that is understandable too. So if you want to get away and find a location overseas then check out the US State Department’s own website for more information about countries all over the world.


It has an A-Z listing of all the countries but the best section that you’re going to want to visit over and over again is the background notes. It has notes about each country.

“These publications include facts about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations of independent states, some dependencies, and areas of special sovereignty.”

So check it out when you want to learn more about the best countries to live in.


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Best places to live and retire

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…the survey, released on 4/4/06, showed many Americans’ retirement expectations are like a piece of Swiss cheese-full of holes. For example, many have accumulated only modest retirement savings, underestimate the share of their pre-retirement income they are likely to need in retirement, and have made no estimate of how much they will need to live comfortably once they retire…”

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The cost of living


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Education resources


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What is so special about this book is that the ideas in the book will help you anywhere. It is about spotting opportunities in new lands. There are several case studies in this book of retirees who have started a second life and successful businesses overseas by providing much needed services to their new communities. It will show you how you can do the same.

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Best Retirement Areas

Best Retirement Areas

Mexico is one of the best places to retire. It has a simliar quality of living and healthcare costs are much lower. The weather is said to be life Florida but without the humidity.

mexico retirement

Honduras is also among the top places to retire. It is a safe and clean place to live and enjoy your retirement.

Tela, Honduras

Nicaragua was recently featured as “The World’s Best Kept Retirement Secret” and US News and World Report deemed one of the top 10 retirement destinations in the world.

beautiful women of nicaragua

Spain has some of the best retirement areas. It is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover what it has to offer, namely first-world European luxuries and charms with the sun and sand of Spain’s famous beaches.

My happy place in Spain

France is also home to some of the top retirement areas. It offers a great quality of life along with all the modern day comforts you enjoy at home.

Eiffel tower at night


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How to buy your dream home in your retirement paradise

Buy your dream home in your retirement paradise

Who hasn’t fantasized about escaping their cubicle and catching the
next plane to someplace warm and tropical to start a new life in
paradise? For most people it sounds like an impossible dream. To help
these people make their dream a reality, Santa Fe Films is pleased to
announce “Home:World,” a new video series designed to help viewers find
top-notch and affordable real estate in some of the world’s most
beautiful countries.
The first two episodes of the Home:World series, available now at www.HomeWorldOnline.com,
combine the best of travel, lifestyle, and real estate programming to
offer viewers the inside scoop for the best places to buy their dream
home abroad, all for up to 90% less than in their own countries.
With over 1 million US citizens living in Mexico, and with over 20%
of baby boomers in the UK reporting that they plan to move abroad after
they retire, the migration of people to other countries is set to
skyrocket. “I spent years dreaming about living overseas,” says Sasha
Owen, Executive Producer of the series, “and I found several websites,
ebooks, and real estate brochures, but I couldn’t find videos that
could show me what these countries were really like. That’s when I
conceived the idea for Home:World.”
Starring popular British presenter Howard Stableford, from the BBC’s
flagship technology program “Tomorrow’s World,” the first two episodes
focus on two very different countries in Central America: Panama and
“We created ‘Home:World’ and our web site, www.HomeWorldOnline.com
to be entertaining and informative tools to help people research living
abroad,” says Owen. “To that end we interview expats, real estate
professionals, and government officials to find out what it really
takes to buy property in each country. And online we have additional
‘video postcards’ to share about each country we spotlight.”
In 2007, the series will explore additional Latin American
countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, the Dominican
Republic, Columbia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

Santa Fe Films Releases New Video Series to Help People Buy Their Dream Homes in Paradise (PRWeb via Yahoo! News)

The first two episodes of the Home:World series, available now at www.HomeWorldOnline.com, combine the best of travel, lifestyle, and real estate programming to offer viewers the inside scoop for the best places to buy their dream home abroad, all for up to 90% less than in their own countries.

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Best Places to Retire

“Discover some of the best places to retire around the World. Find out where you can live comfortably for under $50 a day”

Best Places to Retire

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