Retirement Planning Advice – Finding The Best Places To Retire

There are basically some things to consider when you are about to retire, one of which is the best place to retire. Check the place and make sure that all of the amenities that you need in order to sustain a comfortable life are present.

Also another primary thing to check is the security of the place; you can ask some locals who eventually stayed in the place for a long time to give you information about the security of the place.

Visit the location more than once. You will never get to hold of the atmosphere if you only visit once, most likely you have to visit the place at least 3 or more times before deciding to move in.

Also check the cities, provinces and metropolitan areas to decide on where to live. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live there by just pinpointing on the map where to lure.

Learn more of the area by researching, browsing the web, reading comments and suggestions from blogs, travel and leisure guides and other useful resources that will make you up to date and informed of the place.

United States Census map of Overland Park, Kansas

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If your reason for moving to another place for retirement is to pursue a hobby, then it is a good thing to consider but it should not be the only thing to consider because you are going to live there in the place and your not there for just a 3 day vacation. Be careful in selecting the place to move in because if you move in, you might lose some of the things that you have at least enjoyed in your old neighborhood, or the old place where you live is a proximal place for your relatives for gatherings and special events.

These are only few of the things you should consider when you want to move in another place to retire. It takes real time and consideration for this decision before finalizing it. Here are some places that are considered like Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and Kansas.

Best States to Retire for Military Retirement

Here is some information from one of the states, Kansas. It is one of the best places to retire based on a ‘2010 survey of the best places to retire, one the most common places in Kansas is the city of Overland Park. Many people state that this city is filled with all the amenities that retiring people need and it also filled with park for recreation and relaxation. Kansas is one of the states that are situated at the middle of the country and it was first inhabited by Native Americans, on of which is the Kansa tribe where they got the state’s name and also it was stated that it was named after the Kansas River. Other ideal retirement locations, especially if you are military retiree, include: Austin/Round Rock, Bryan/College Station, Waco, San Angelo, Oklahoma City, Wichita Kansas, Harrisburg/Carlisle, Pittsburgh, Madison, Syracuse, Dayton, New Orleans/Metairie/Kenner and Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater

So the place to retire is very important because this is where you will celebrate you golden ages and where you will build more memories with you and your family so decide wisely.

Retirement Party Ideas – Do We Need Them?

We apt to think about retirement that that is the time you invest your savings e.g. in mutual funds, going to one of the vacation spots or lastly have time for building solar lights in the garden or make some home improvement. But this all starts somewhere…
Retirement is an unavoidable event in your life. There are some who are concerned about this because they are not ready to lose their job. As you retire from your current business or occupation you might feel that you have lost security and to get rid of this awful feeling, you have to feel the value of retiring and what you should look forward to in the future. So this must be the time to celebrate on those things that you have accomplished and face a new beginning in life. In celebrating your retirement day, you may look into retirement party ideas that would guide you in organizing a successful one.

The first thing that you should consider beforehand is planning for the retirement party. Aside from obtaining more information regarding retirement party ideas, it is essential for you to get an estimated amount which will be allotted for your budget. Remember that this doesn’t have to be very expensive. It just have to be a simple but memorable event for the retiree to cherish before he or she leaves the office or work.

After getting hold of the budget, you can now decide on the theme that you want for the party itself. if you will not be organizing a surprise party, then you can certainly ask the retiree what theme would work for her. Then after deciding for the theme, you can now make your party invitations. In inviting people, you should consider the closest friends of the guest-of-honor and some fellow workers. Your retirement party ideas must look upon creating invitations that are attractive enough, so people would desire to come by even after office hours.

Having in mind that you have already decided on a place where the party should take place. You may try researching for other retirement party ideas available for the decorations needed for the venue. You might be needing help from the retiree’s colleagues to give you some highlights of the retiree’s achievements so you can incorporate it with your current theme. You can add some pictures of the retiree’s achievements to bring some proud memories back.

Your retirement party ideas must be one of the best parties that the retiree would ever have to make him feel secured that everything would still be there even if he stops working. The guest of honor should feel that even if one has to retire from working, there is still something to look forward to in the future.

Finding The Best Retirement States

Although it is obvious that many seniors prefer the warm climate and leisure activities of states such as Florida and Texas for nationwide retirement solutions however they are not necessarily the best where income is concerned.  Many retirees judge the suitability of a state based simply on whether or not it has an income tax.  This is an oversimplified way to judge the amount of money owed each year to the state  Some of the states that have no income tax more than make up for it in other forms of tax.

Retirees naturally seek to preserve as much of their money each year as possible, and many are drawn to states like Pennsylvania that do not charge anything on retirement income.  Although this is an understandable reaction, failure to do some research can cost these seniors a great deal of money.  Ironically, Pennsylvania is actually one of the most expensive places in the United States to live.  The average property tax in Harrisburg, PA, amounted to  an unbelievable $6,551.  Combine that with $840 on average in sales tax, and Pennsylvania residents are really paying around $7,391 in taxes per year.  

Surprisingly, states like Arkansas and Delaware are really the most affordable for seniors.For example if you live in Dover, DE, the avereage cost is around 0 for taxes.  Kentucky is another affordable state for seniors, with residents of Frankfort paying around $1,114 per year.  This is much less than supposedly tax friendly states such as Pennsylvania and Florida.People living in Florida pay nearly 00 per year.  

Despite the importance of tax income, it is very important to take other factors into account.  Be sure to research the cost of homes, as well as cost of living.  In areas with high home prices, property tax can really end up costing an arm and a leg each year.  Look out for potential money sinks by researching state tax laws before making a move.  The general livability of a state is also important.  

Online sources such as Kiplinger and can help greatly in the search for the best retirement states.  Finding the best retirement states is all about striking a balance between taxes and livability.  Just because a state has the lowest taxes doesn’t mean you should move there, but don’t neglect to check out a state’s tax laws before moving.  Some states, such as Pennsylvania, can quickly eat away at your retirement fund if you are not careful.

Retirement in Cyprus – How Easy is it?

Cyprus is becoming a popular place for retirement as it has many advantages, in particular its relaxed way of life and its ideal climate. Its biggest advantage, to many people are the warm winters, especially for people whose health gets worse in the cold and damp. Cyprus is a safe country, with a crime rate much lower than most European countries. It is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe and very good medical treatment is readily available. A large number of private doctors and specialists are available and treatment at government hospitals is cheap and of high quality.

The pleasant climate and low cost of living are among the advantages for those who wish  to retire to Cyprus but it has lots more to offer. The banking system and legal system are derived from the UK systems and will be familiar and easy to deal with. The transition to Cyprus is thus much easier. There are also tax incentives which allow British citizens in receipt of a pension or investment income to receive them tax free.

Nearly all Cypriots speak English, often very competently, so there won’t be any problems in being understood. The modern infrastructure has all the facilities you are familiar with in the UK. Plentiful, local fruit and vegetables are easy to find and the relaxed lifestyle in this warm climate, with moderately low humidity is very good for the health. This may be particularly important for those who suffer from rheumatism or any other problems that worsen in the damp, cold UK winter.

Retiring to Cyprus – Procedures for UK Citizens

There will be, of course, paperwork to submit so that you can become a permanent Cyprus resident. The first thing to do is fill in a form to apply for a residency permit. While in Cyprus fill out a M67 form which you can get from the local immigration office. If you are retiring you will need the category F. Evidence is needed that you can support yourself and any dependents. This may be investment income or a retirement pension,

Once approved under category F you cannot be employed or do any work, even unpaid, or run any business in Cyprus so you must have sufficient resources to keep yourself and any dependents. UK pensions can be directly paid into an account in Cyprus and, through an agreement with the UK government will be index linked so you will receive any pension increases in the same way as if you still lived in the UK.


Cyprus has proved to be popular as a retirement destination for UK citizens. The lifestyle is familiar, although more relaxed, and you will usually have an easy transition. If you are considering retiring in the sun, take a look at Cyprus as an ideal place to enjoy an easy going, relaxed retirement.

For more information on Cyprus or for information on retiring in Cyprus visit Property for Sale in Cyprus

Why We Should Honor Retired Soldiers on the Next Memorial Day

Late every May the patriotic season begins in the United States with Memorial Day and continues until November, when Veterans Day is celebrated. There are also other patriotic holidays during that period, such as Flag Day in June, the Fourth of July and Labor Day in September. Those would be considered the primary patriotic holidays but there are also some that are lesser-known. The first, Armed Forces Day, actually falls before Memorial Day. Then we have Citizenship Day and Patriot Day in September, followed by United Nations Day in October.

Many Americans take the major patriotic holidays seriously, as well as some of the minor ones. This is at least partially because so many people have war veterans in their immediate families, or at least have some relationship to people who served in the American armed forces. For them, these particular holidays are personal. This is probably why a tradition has begun to use Memorial Day antique postcards or Veterans Day clip art to send greetings to veterans for Veterans Day. The simple act of sending a card to a retired military officer or soldier can mean the world to someone who may feel his or her service to our country has been forgotten.

This is particularly important to U.S. soldiers coming home from serving in the Middle East. They have experienced some true horrors and deserved to be thanked for doing that on our behalf. People don’t make a fuss over Veterans Day like they do with July 4th, so it would be easy for veterans to think we don’t care. Chances are, no one ran around waving bunches of American flags as they returned home. And there are few parties thrown for Veterans Day either. That may be because some people are uncomfortable with even thinking about war.

It would probably be better to express our appreciation every time we run across a retired veteran. That will let them know we appreciate their contributions on more than just one day a year. That small remembrance can mean a lot to someone who has served their country but feels forgotten.

Talking about guide to retirement planning

At some point in time, it will come to all of us people – that is we will all have to pay attention to employee benefit and retirement planning and consider the argument of life and death planning for retirement. Discussing the whole subject of how to plan for retirement is similiar to funeral coordinating, in that us people tend to put it off til a later time. But it really does make the best sense to get in and begin reasonably early. This not only enables you to see how you will be doing financially, but you can make a retirement action plan as well. For some of us – we are advantageous enough to be in a position where our employers help us out by providing excellent retirement planning resources for its workers.

As we as people look to deal with taking the mystery out of retirement planning and in getting more tools on life insurance retirement planning, one of the points that you are well advised to do is to have a very close inspection of your superannuation plan and the money you are putting in. How much will you have once retired? What are your options for payout? Discussing inflation and your way of living will you have enough to live on and do the areas you want to do. A financial adviser can be a great help for these type of forecasts. For this it’s really never too early to check in, perhaps in the previous ten years before retirement you can plan to add to your retirement repository.

If you haven’t bothered much with putting money into your taking the mystery out of retirement planning, then start to do so. The more you can put into it the better as we pay attention to self employed retirement planning. Activities and time planning is another valuable point. You might want to save for the trip of a lifetime, will your retirement be a full or semi? It might be a amazing thought to be sitting back everyday taking it easy, but if you are uses to an active work life, you’ll get bored fairly quickly. So think as basic as everyday activities you can do. Sports and related activities can deliver a new dimension into your life.

An Alternative to Senior Poverty

Retirement for many, will be anything but the golden years. Retirement remains a big unknown to many Americans – particularly with respect to retirement income.  The reality is that the average working American lives month to month on a barely adequate paycheck, and finds it difficult, if not impossible to adequately plan and prepare for retirement in America.

Many Americans will find it impossible to maintain their current lifestyle after retirement. It was  difficult enough to make ends meet on your regular paycheck.  How will you make ends meet on just social security alone? The likelihood is that retirement is not going to be possible without sacrificing one’s standard of living. On average, Americans will see their incomes shrink to $20,000 in retirement compared to $50,000 while working.

The cost of elder care continues to rise and may cost you all of your life savings. In the worst case, you will not only utilize what little wealth you have but will have to turn to your children to supplement your finances.

Farfetched? Most middle aged workers probably know of colleagues who are facing a great deal of difficulty in providing long term care for loved ones. It is not unusual for some to be paying as much as $7000 a month for long term care for just one parent. Others take their parents in and struggle to pursue a career while working equally hard as a healthcare provider for their parents.

In addition to the challenges of finances and healthcare, the retiree also is confronted with issues of self-worth and purpose. For years you were a productive worker with a purpose and mission in life. Unfortunately, it is common for many to lose their sense of purpose and value after retirement. Unfortunately, for many Americans, retirement will be nothing more than sitting in front of the television set. Is this what you have toiled all your life to achieve?

Retiring overseas is one viable option that a retiree should consider as part of his or her planning portfolio. An overseas retirement cannot be recommended for everyone because some life adjustments will have to be made. But when done properly and with the right retirement destination, it is possible for any retiree to live very well on $20,000 a year in countries where the average income is under $5,000 a year.

If you are willing to open your mind, you will discover that there many options for retirement. If you so choose, retirement will be the start of a new life, not the end of living as you know it.  Retiring overseas is not without its own challenges. A better life in retirement will take some work on your part. However, if you still have some adventure in your heart, you might discover that living overseas might actually improve your standard of living and your sense of well-being.

Retirement Planning Software – How It Helps You Plan Your Retirement

If you are about to retire and have been diligently saving your money, investing in 401Ks, and actively taking control of your retirement funds – you are in the distinct minority. Well over 90% of retirees are totally unprepared when the time comes. As a result, they end up living their retirement years in far different circumstances and environments than they had envisioned.

No one is going to take responsibility for your retirement except you. The people that end up satisfied in retirement are the ones that figured that out early on If you don’t plan for it, you could easily find yourself destitute when you reach your sixties.

One way to begin planning for retirement is to use retirement planner software. These types of software can make retirement planning a snap. But what do you look for in a retirement planning software tool? First, the software should be user friendly. Experts will tell you that if a piece of software is hard to use, it won’t get used. Secondly, you should look for software that is well supported and, preferably, with a history. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve spent hours and weeks entering all of your financial data into a program only to find out that the company has gone out of business and no longer supports the software. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little bit more for a piece of software in return for having the support of a substantial company behind it.

Thirdly, an essential feature in a retirement planning software tool is for it to be able to track stocks, bonds, 401ks, IRAs, and other common financial investment instruments and including them in the retirement calculations. It should be able to extrapolate how much a regular series of payments over a specified time frame at a specified interest rate will result in at the time that the person retires. And it should be able to work backwards as well. For example, assuming that you are 35 years old. The tool should be able to take your desired income requirements at 65 years, and determine how much you will have to save each year in order to reach that goal.

You don’t have to use software to plan out your future. Plenty of people, especially if they have the money, are more than comfortable with leaving their retirement planning services in the hands of a professional. But, even in these cases, it doesn’t hurt to use retirement planning software to get an idea of the possibilities available to you. You can then take these broad suggestions to your financial planner for implementation of the finer details or simply for a more informed feedback of the desirability of your plans. But also, keep in mind that financial planners aren’t gods. And they are dealing with multiple clients. It’s very possible that your tool may discover something that they missed in putting together you financial portfolio.

For a lot of of the baby boomers who are already at retirement age, it’s too late to implement a long term retirement plan. But even they, can make use of software to ensure that the funds that they have accumulated provide for them as long as possible. As, for those in their thirties, forties, and even fifties, the best time to start thinking about a retirement plan is now. The younger you start, the less painful are the financial sacrifices that you have to make.

Florida- A Nationwide Retirement Solution

For nationwide retirement solutions the state of Florida has some of the best retirement communities in the world, both because of its non-existent income tax, as well as its magnificent beaches and great climate.  Florida boasts a great number of retirement communities, each with its own flavor and atmosphere.  Depending on the region of Florida in which you choose to live, you will encounter different attractions.

Central Florida has allure of of the theme parks, and experiences a strong tourism based surge every year.  If you are partial to the active city lifestyle, or have grandchildren that may want to visit, central Florida is the place to be.  Lake Ashton is one of the most prominent Florida Retirement Communities in the central Florida region.  Lake Ashton is settled on 1200 acres of waterfront ranch land.  The community features health and fitness centers, as well as a full featured clubhouse.  The community even has a private bowling alley, and a boat ramp.  A great 18 hole private golf course and tennis courts make Lake Ashton one of the most fun filled retirement communities in all of Florida.

Old Palm Golf Club features some of the best golfing in the United States, located in South Florida.  The fairways are beautiful, strewn with lakes, oak, and pine trees.  The service is always quick and professional, ensuring that members always have a game ready for them.  Homes at the Club are built in magnificent Mediterranean style, while also rated to withstand hurricanes.  Home construction is sturdy and high quality, with custom cabinetry, marble bathroom floors, and granite countertops.

The Parkland Golf & Country Club is another premier resort of the South Florida region.  Parkland has 790 acres of gated land, and an 18 hole golf course designed by golfing figure Greg Norman.  Homes can be purchased in a variety of styles, from Spanish, Tuscan, and Italian Mediterranean.
The city possesses a great deal to see and do, including the Equestrian Center at Temple Park.  The city also has great shopping, such as at the Heron Lakes Shoppes.

Located in northern Florida, the Costa Verano homes are surrounded on all sides by great attractions.  As a part of Jacksonville, the community is located near the arts and business center of the city, while also nearby the coastal regions.  With nearby St. Augustine, the Lost Keys community is just minutes away from the oldest architecture in the country.  The community has a private theater, pool, and an extensively equipped health and fitness center as well.

The Lost Key community in the Florida Panhandle is settled among natural preserves, and features a beautiful 18 hole golf course.  The natural vistas offered in the Panhandle make this one of the most beautiful retirement communities in the world.  The community has a wonderful tennis court and exercise center, as well as a premier golf course.

Florida has some of the most well regarded retirement communities in the country, with each region of the state offering a distinct experience.

Why Should You Be In A 401K Plan?

One of the great safety net in modern times is the Social Security system. It’s a fantastic retirement income system that has enabled many retirees to live out their golden years in a dignified manner. But Social Security was never meant to be the sole source of income for retirees. It was only meant to be a supplementary source of income to a person’s pension payments and other investments. Recognizing that people were not saving their money as diligent as they perhaps should, the government began to create incentives to help them save. The 401k plan came about as a way  to encourage people to save money for their retirement years by giving them certain financial incentives.

But, what is your 401k plan. It’s a retirement plan designed for workers in a company. The plan is set up so that both employer and employee can contribute to it, but it’s managed by the company. The necessary, but enormous, advantage of a 401k plan is that it allows you to invest your money before it is taxed. All monies that you earmark for the 401k are placed into the plan pretaxed. Not only that, the monies are also allowed to interest, also untaxed until the time when you begin to withdraw it – usually at retirement. But even then, only the monies that you withdraw from the fund is taxed. And presumably, since you’ll be at a lower income level when you retire, the amount of money that you will be taxed will be lower as well.

The best piece of the 401k program is that it compounds your money tax free. The compounding effect can catapult your ultimate retirement income earnings upwards of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more than if the identical investment had been placed in a normal taxed investment vehicle. Assume, for example, that you’re in the 25% tax bracket, have $1000, and you invest it in a venture that is pays you 8%. At the end of the year, you have earned $80. But after taxes, you have netted only $60 – effectively giving you a real 6% return on your investment instead of 8%. If your investment vehicle had been a 401k, however, you would have paid no taxes at the end of the year. Thus you would have netted the full $80.

Now eventually, of course, you’ll have to pay taxes – but in the meantime, you have the full use of all profits derived from your investment and are able to let them compound unencumbered. If you invest more than $1000 a year in your 401k plan, which many people do and if your investments average more than 8% a year, you could realistically come out thousands of dollars ahead when your retire.

Some employers entice workers to join their company by touting their generous 401k packages. In better economic times, it was not unusual for a company to match the employee’s contribution with an equal amount of their own. For example, if you gave $100 to your 401k plan, they would match it with $100 from their pocket. A great way to make money on your investment.

In the current recessionary economy, however, those generous packages have become harder to come by. In addition, fewer companies than ever are offering pensions to their employees, making it even more important that you take control of your own retirement plans. So even if your company has a 401k plan, but no matching program in place, you should still definitely take advantage of it. When you retire, you’ll be glad you did.