Gold Coins Are The Best Investment

To succeed in this economic recession, savvy persons are beginning to learn buying gold bullion as one of the only ways to protect their money. Whether or not the current bailout plan will work, how much it will cost, and when it it will be clear is currently a mystery. It could be an astounding success with General Motors and the banks. The worst case scenario is that everything fails and countries get pushed even further into debt. Simply put, there is no way to tell. Essentially, no one person understands how the world economy works. Without a birds eye view of all the matters concerned, it is not easy to get an accurate understanding. However, it doesn’t take a genius to see what is obvious.

While nobody can see what is coming, we can all look at the past for lessons. Gold has always been, and will always be a safe haven investment. No matter what happens in the economy, right now is the time to start investing in gold.

This is the modern gold rush, only we aren’t panning for it, we are pining for it. Let us share two reasons this is the case:

1) Formerly secure currencies like the U.S. dollar are facing serious problems, while reserve currencies are consistently devaluing, gold is increasing in value steadily.

2) Gold stocks and gold ETFs are manipulated by the very same people who have driven this market into the ground, falling prey to these schemes has cost many their fortunes.

Bear economies cause the rich to run for gold as fast as possible. This economic stimulus package and the billions of dollars in it don’t appear out of thin air. Well actually they do, and that’s going to have repercussions. To avoid the coming backlash, a good portfolio should have it’s largest assets in a secure investment. If the world banks keep their true assets in gold, it stands to reason that we should too.

Remember, we are talking about physical gold bullion here. Not the paper gold certificates or stocks. Those may be fun for short term investments, but gold is a long term investment for security. A good place to start is buying South African Krugerrands which are some of the most valuable coins to own. Think long term when making your gold investment and you will be much safer.

Search engine optimization – the most feasible video marketing

A Transformers-like character which does funky dance moves in a viral video is actually an advertisement for a car company. A laugh-out-loud funny clip of a baby making funny noises is a marketing technique for a new infant foods manufacturing company.

These are just a couple of examples of how search engine optimization or SEO marketing techniques work through video marketing.

With the popularity of YouTube and social networking sites, it is no wonder why both old and new companies are switching tactics when it comes to how they perform search engine optimization and SEO marketing. Both of these SEO marketing techniques are done with the help of video website promotion, video marketing, SEO video marketing and video optimization.

SEO Video Marketing: The Basics

More in-depth understanding of search engine optimization video marketing can be your primary means of search engine optimization, there are a few simple facts, you have to remember:

Instead of link building, traditional bookmarking and other techniques offered by companies offering SEO services, video marketing is slowly taking over the Internet.

Online users have a more positive response to the film, therefore, the video site is the best way to promote access to its core audience.

If you want to apply for the video website to promote your site, you need to know the video optimization technology. You can perform the video optimization yourself or you can hire a company offering SEO services to do it for you.

To have a head start in your SEO video marketing, what you can do is upload videos in popular sites like YouTube, and repost the links on blogs, forums and your website.

Bookmark this page with a press release of video and other technology, you can use to optimize the use of video to your site search engine.