Retirement in Cyprus – How Easy is it?

Cyprus is becoming a popular place for retirement as it has many advantages, in particular its relaxed way of life and its ideal climate. Its biggest advantage, to many people are the warm winters, especially for people whose health gets worse in the cold and damp. Cyprus is a safe country, with a crime rate much lower than most European countries. It is one of the cheapest places to live in Europe and very good medical treatment is readily available. A large number of private doctors and specialists are available and treatment at government hospitals is cheap and of high quality.

The pleasant climate and low cost of living are among the advantages for those who wish  to retire to Cyprus but it has lots more to offer. The banking system and legal system are derived from the UK systems and will be familiar and easy to deal with. The transition to Cyprus is thus much easier. There are also tax incentives which allow British citizens in receipt of a pension or investment income to receive them tax free.

Nearly all Cypriots speak English, often very competently, so there won’t be any problems in being understood. The modern infrastructure has all the facilities you are familiar with in the UK. Plentiful, local fruit and vegetables are easy to find and the relaxed lifestyle in this warm climate, with moderately low humidity is very good for the health. This may be particularly important for those who suffer from rheumatism or any other problems that worsen in the damp, cold UK winter.

Retiring to Cyprus – Procedures for UK Citizens

There will be, of course, paperwork to submit so that you can become a permanent Cyprus resident. The first thing to do is fill in a form to apply for a residency permit. While in Cyprus fill out a M67 form which you can get from the local immigration office. If you are retiring you will need the category F. Evidence is needed that you can support yourself and any dependents. This may be investment income or a retirement pension,

Once approved under category F you cannot be employed or do any work, even unpaid, or run any business in Cyprus so you must have sufficient resources to keep yourself and any dependents. UK pensions can be directly paid into an account in Cyprus and, through an agreement with the UK government will be index linked so you will receive any pension increases in the same way as if you still lived in the UK.


Cyprus has proved to be popular as a retirement destination for UK citizens. The lifestyle is familiar, although more relaxed, and you will usually have an easy transition. If you are considering retiring in the sun, take a look at Cyprus as an ideal place to enjoy an easy going, relaxed retirement.

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  1. It is all very well making things look so rosy for retirement to Cyprus! We lived there for 10 years and left almost 10 years ago because of various reasons. Almost all of our friends have now left Cyprus too! People need to be made aware that Brits or other foreigners are always ALIENS on Immigration papers, in Cyprus, as was stamped on all our papers from the day we arrived there! It is extremely easy for us foreigners to get cheated in large amounts of money by smooth talking Cypriots taking one into their confidence, then fleecing one of their hard earned money! For example when buying property. It happened to us and we are well travelled people who could have known better. It just happens and the Cyprus Courts there will NEVER support the foreigner – they laughed at us and said ” these are YOUR British Laws which we use here”, when we tried to get the top Law office to help us retrieve our money! Needless to say we got not a cent – we are talking about 50 thousand Cy. Pounds – not a joke. So please be aware that these things are very likely and you need to check and double check and treble check – and still you could be cheated! OK?

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